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Blakeley Island

Blakeley Island Updates:

PLEASE NOTE!! The number to use for faxing in your Liability Release is 251-441-9395. Visitation permit forms can be obtained on this website by clicking here.

PLEASE NOTE!! All birders visiting Blakeley Island are REQUIRED to post a permit on the dash of their car. You must notify the Alabama State Port Authority prior to walking the dikes. For further details, please go the Blakeley permit page. Blakeley visitation is regulated through the Alabama State Port Authority and any vehicles not displaying the proper permits will BE TOWED!! Please be sure to comply with the permit requirement so that access to this premier birding site will not be lost.

Weekdays call 251-441-7085, and on weekends call 251-441-7777 to notify Port Authority personnel of your intention to visit. You must file a permit before visiting! Completed permits can be submitted to the Port Authority by faxing to 251-441-9395.

The Mud Lakes on Blakeley Island are well known to Alabama birders as one of the best spots in South Alabama for shorebirds and waterfowl. The Island, at the western end of the Mobile Causeway, along the east side of US 90A, can be reached from either US 90 or I-10.

The Mud Lakes Disposal Area, owned by the Alabama State Port Authority and managed by the US Army Corps of Engineers is used to store mud and sand refuse from dredging the Mobile Ship Channel. The upper Lakes were formerly used as settling ponds for industrial waste water and can be extremely caustic. The water in the canal surrounding the elevated dikes is used to capture the leachate from the upper lakes and is likewise very caustic. Management of the dredge refuse sites requires tilling and grading the lakes to hasten the drying of the refuse. As a result different lakes may have good water for the birds at different times.

Access to the Mud Lakes is controlled by the Alabama State Port Authority and their procedures must be adhered to. These are described in the Permits section of this page and involve the submission of a Liability Release Form annually and before visiting. Your Instruction Sheet must be prominently displayed in the front window of your vehicle. The Open Areas link identifies the lakes that may be visited currently.

Do not leave the roads on the top of the dikes for any reason whatsoever! To do so will jeopardize all access to these facilities.

Be prepared for a long walk when visiting the ponds, it may be exceedingly hot and buggy, and there are no facilities nor cover on the dikes around the lakes. A spotting scope is recommended.