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A Tribute to John Finley Porter, Jr.

Members of the Alabama Ornithological Society are mourning the passing of John Finley Porter, Jr., on August 2, 2016. John began attending AOS meetings in 1986, served as President of AOS in 1992-1993, and was an active and influential AOS board member for many, many years. John played a leading role in developing the Coastal Birding Trail, which has since become an essential part of the Alabama Birding Trails system. John also had a lasting impact on birding in Alabama as Editor of 'A Birder’s Guide to Alabama’, published by the University of Alabama Press in 2001, at a time when very little information about where to find birds was available for birders across Alabama.

John was the first President of the Friends of Dauphin Island Audubon Sanctuary, Inc. (FODIAS) that later evolved into Dauphin Island Bird Sanctuaries (DIBS). Working first as President, and later as Executive Director, John brought a profound love of birds, a genial temperament and special knowledge and skills from his distinguished career in academia to the task of acquiring lands on Dauphin Island to provide long-term protection of habitat for migrating birds, and for people who love birds. Above all, John was a good man. He loved birds, and he loved birders. His personal kindness and integrity inspired people, and he made them want to support the cause he believed in so deeply. John Porter was an outstanding leader for all of us across the state who work for the preservation of Alabama’s environment. His friends at AOS are deeply grateful for his many years of leadership.

A Tribute to John Walter Stowers, Jr.

Members of the Alabama Ornithological Society are grieving for the loss of our long-time friend and supporter, "Sto", John Walter Stowers, Jr., who died on Sunday, July 10, 2017. Sto''s constant generosity and hospitality, and his many acts of kindess to AOS organizers and to individual AOS members can never be fully recognized. A bench will be placed on Dauphin Island honoring Sto for his long-time, exceptional service to the Alabama Ornithological Society at the Fall meeting on October 15, 2016. Click here for tributes and recollections of Sto from members of the AOS Board of Directors