Meetings feature programs designed to increase your understanding of ornithology and to bring the membership up to date on issues facing birders. Workshops are offered to sharpen your observational skills and to improve your identification and location of birds. Workshops may also assist you in the selection and care of birding equipment and optics. Programs and workshops are presented by experts in various facets of birding and ornithology. Programs and workshops are provided free of charge to members. Recent programs have covered subjects as diverse as studying migration patterns using radar and using arrayed audio sensors, in-depth looks at Chimney Swifts, Purple Martins, and Hummingbirds.

Each AOS meeting is concluded with a Saturday evening banquet and a guest speaker. Speakers are experts in their field and have achieved national or international recognition. Past speakers include Kenn Kaufman (author and tour leader), and others. Banquet speakers offer AOS members the opportunity to learn from and discuss ideas with leaders in the world of ornithology.